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Having been raised as an only child (my brother is 13 years older) I had developed a special relationship with my Dad ~ I was “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Whenever we were out in public together, he always introduced me as his number one daughter. It made me feel special. He disciplined me only occasionally (Mom was responsible for that) and when it was necessary, it hurt me deeply. I didn’t want to disappoint my Dad, there was never any doubt that he loved me.

We attended church on a fairly regular basis and I attended a private church school through sixth grade. In school, we had daily memory verses so I was learning God’s word from the time I was six. Mom and Dad had me baptized when I was 12, because that was the thing to do. I guess somewhere along the way they had been taught about the age of accountability.

Dad had heart problems and passed away when I was 18. I was devastated! I felt so alone and unloved. For years whenever I thought about my Dad and how much he loved me, I would dissolve into tears.

Once I began life on my own in a larger city, I developed new friends and memories of my Dad were not as frequent or as traumatic. One friend in particular was like the sister I never had and her mom and I were closer than I had been with my own mother. I was always at their home and would even spend the night on Christmas Eve.

Years later, after I moved to “the big city” I kept in close contact with my friend and her family. When I was 35, her father died and I came home for the funeral. I relived the memories of my Dad’s funeral.

Driving to my brother’s home to spend the weekend with them, I couldn’t stop crying and I don’t mean leaking tears…I mean sobbing. To this day (25 years ago on the 15th of this month) I don’t remember anything about that trip except the sobs.

Upon arriving at my brother’s home, his wife met me at the door startled by my uncontrollable sobs. She sat me down in their living room and I began telling her how much I missed my Dad and how lonely I felt. I had never been able to find anything or anyone to fill that hole in my heart.

She is a Christian and began telling me about how much God loves me. Her exact words were, “You know how much your Dad loved you…well, God loves you even more.” I couldn’t believe that anyone could love me more than my Dad. We prayed together and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The next morning my brother bought me a new Bible and on Sunday we attended church. As I began reading God’s word on a regular basis, all those scripture verses came flooding back to me and took on a whole new meaning.

That Sunday at church, I also met my future husband. Along with another couple from church, we visited nursing homes on Sundays and developed a close relationship. Seven months later, we were married ~ 23 years ago!

Jesus filled the hole in my heart with His love and gave me a husband to spend the rest of our lives together praising and worshiping Him. No, life has not been easy because we are Christians. But we have someone to turn to when life becomes difficult and trust that He has something for us to learn. After all, God is in control!

You can visit Lauren at Created for HIS Glory if you would like to read others testimonies.

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When I began blogging I wanted my blog to glorify God, not taking any credit for myself, and have wanted to share my testimony because God has instructed us to do so! Now He has opened the door for me to share it.

If you haven’t heard, Lauren from Created for HIS Glory is hosting Bloggy Tour of Testimonies on October 1 ~ almost 24 years to the exact day that I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Mine is one of those testimonies that was 180 degrees. If I had been looking at my watch, I could give you the exact time too.

But, you’ll have to wait to read the details. Please visit Lauren to get all the info.

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