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Memory ~ SNOW!!!!!

No, this picture isn’t a Monday Memory, it was taken today. Yes, we finally got some snow. First one this season. This picture was taken before Noon and by 1:00 p.m., it had stopped. As you can see, most of it was on the roads and very little on the ground. It was slick.

My memory is of a snow storm 11 years ago when we first moved into our house here in the country. My Mom was living with us and in poor health. She had fallen, broken her hip and came to live with us rather than go to a nursing home. Then she fell again and broke her collar bone. The winter we moved here we had one of the worst snow storms in many years. It was 3 to 4 feet in many places with drifts. Mom began hallucinating (as the result of some medication) so we called the rescue squad.

Because the snow was so deep the local squad (which is volunteer) was unable to respond and had to get a neighboring squad. They were unable to get through the deep snow and drifts and had to get the assistance of the National Guard with a humvee to make a path through to get here. A nearby television station had picked up all the talk over a scanner and were right behind the rescue squad truck when it arrived. They videotaped the entire process of the squad members taking mom out and then down the road. It was on the news that evening.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a life or death situation and mom was back home in a couple of days.


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Memory Lane

Grandma Moses House

First let me state that I did NOT take this picture, it was taken by a member of the staff of the Daily News Leader in Staunton.

It’s a little know fact (even by many county residents) that this house has been under renovation by a private group for some time. But, unfortunately the process has been abandoned and the owners (the county government) have been handed the process instead. I wonder how this will end. I remember my mom telling me that Grandma Moses grew up in our county but she didn’t know where. I know this sounds crazy but my memory includes hearing Kate Smith singing in the background on the car radio.
I grew up in one of the two larger cities in the county and vividly remember many of the stores downtown. There was a Hyman’s Dept. Store and the old Rose’s store with all those little sectioned off areas which contained what seemed like everything in the world. But my fondest memort is Fishburn Drugstore on the main intersection in town. Of course everything seems much larger when you are smaller. Fishburn had the old, long soda fountain where I had my first cherry coke made with cherry syrup. I remember too seeing those huge, glass medicine bottles way up high and out of reach.

I also remember going Trick or Treating in my neighborhood all by myself. There was nothing to worry about and I always felt safe~maybe scared to death, but that had nothing to do with worrying about anybody “taking” me.

I remember riding my bike up and down the road and skating on the sidewalks with those old medal skates that fit on your shoes; the “Woodie” my dad had (wish I had it NOW); the model A my granddad had; falling in the neighbor’s fish pond. I remember………..

What fond memories do you have?

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