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Being a Grammy

Most of you know, I recently became a grandmother but I prefer to be called a Grammy! For those of you who have yet to experience being a Grammy, you are in for a very special blessing. It’s as if God opened your heart and filled it with all His love! No that’s not possible, but my heart feels that way now that Kelsey is here. It’s indescribable!

This morning, I ran across this poem and think it’s very appropriate so I’ll share it here.

Loving a Grandchild !

Loving a grandchild is
like none other.
It’s not quite the same as
being a mother.

You love your children,
each one is unique,
But the love of a
grandchild, will sweep
you off your feet.

They look up at you,
with their cute little
grins, touching your
heart deep within.

They’re sweet little angels
sent from up above,
and they warm your heart
with unconditional love.

~by Deb Miller~

And this one literally brought tears to my eyes:


What ever on earth, can a grandma be for?
She’s older than dirt, with one foot out the door.
And what can she know about living today’
When nothing is done in her old fashioned way.
Oh sure, she’s sweet, and you love her a lot.
But in terms of real life, what’s an ol’ grandma got?

Well listen, my sweetie, you might be surprised
To find that your grandma’s a youngster disguised.
She still has her dreams, and her values intact,
She’s just a bit wiser, yes dear, that’s a fact.
Experience has put a few lines on her face.
And that’s how she knows, what its like in your place.

I know this idea may seem baffling and new.
But honey, your grandmas “Been There, Done That”, too.
So when your young life isn’t going as planned.
Talk to your grandma ~she’ll sure understand.
She’s got lots of love and good counsel to give.
And she’ll be on your side for as long as you live…

~Author Unknown~


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2006 Christmas Memories

What a wonderful Christmas we had. Our Sunday School lesson on Christmas Eve was about passing the baton. John, our leader that day, compared our responsibility as parents to the sprinters in a relay race. The reason teams with the fastest sprinters fail to win is in the passing of the baton~they run into each other or they drop it. Our responsibility as Christian parents is to pass the baton smoothly to our children in order for them to grow in love for the Lord. It was a very good analysis.

Later Christmas eve, we had R’s step-daughter here and we all opened our gifts. Ashlynn is only 11 months old and wasn’t able to grasp how to open her gifts even though Daddy was right there ripping away. Next year! I think another reason for her lack of enthusiasm was the fact that she hadn’t had a nap all day. Naomi even got in on the act! Then it was time to go home.



Christmas morning arrived with everyone sleeping in late~the advantage of no small children. Once everyone was ready, we made the short trip to Granny’s house. As mentioned previously, Hubby has six brothers and sisters and all have children. Three adults did not make it this year due to prior obligations and they were missed. Granny decorates every room in her home and very seldom is it ever the same. We got to meet our great-nephew~Ben. Rachel’s cousin had a baby boy just two weeks prior to Kelsey’s arrival.

Kelsey~Going to Granny’s

Granny’s Nativity

Granny’s House

Nativity Egg

After a wonderful meal, almost entirely prepared by Granny, the children went to the basement to open all their gifts~chaos ensued. Since I’ve been involved in the enthusiasm for 23 years, I decided to stay upstairs. Once this excitement died down, it was time for the adult chaos to begin. We had our Chinese Gift Exchange and MOST seemed satisfied with their gifts, although some were quite disappointed~especially after they had lost the gift they had already “stolen.” One gift was actually a regift from last year’s Gift Exchange. I’m not sure how, but we ended up with it and it may just be there again next year! LOL

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First Published Picture

This is our new granddaughter ~ Kelsey Alaina! I told you she’s beautiful! That’s all I have time for today. She’s coming home tomorrow~gotta get everything cleaned up. Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!!

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