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Thankful Thursday

Many of you know that I’m a new Grammy (see the ticker above). Although it’s been difficult having our two grown daughters, son-in-law and new grandbaby living with us in our small home, I’m so thankful to have our little one with us. It brings me so much joy to watch her grow and change on a daily basis. Every time I look at her, God just fills my heart to overflowing with love. I’m so thankful God brought her into my life and home.

So being the proud Grammy that I am, I’m sharing more pictures of her.

If you want to join us in being thankful, visit Sting My Heart.

Today, I feel


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the internet again. I just love doing this and seeing what’s out there.

Today, being Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt, I found the coolest website that features pictures of Virginia…from a different part of the state. We live in the Shenandoah Valley in the mountains and I found someone who lives down near Williamsburg and posts her pictures here at Deep Red Style. Go check out her pics for a different perspective of our state.

AND THEN, I found this place called GlassGiant where you can do all kinds of fun stuff with pictures~and other things. This is one of my favorite photos of Hubby and Grammy’s Girl’s hands. So I created this:

Now I’m feeling:

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For your eyes only!

Just in case you’d like to see her again, I’ve added a link to check out some pictures of “Grammy’s Girl”. On my sidebar, under “Member Granny’s Gang” you will see “Grammy’s Girl~some pics”. If you click the button, it will take you to a new site where you can watch a short slideshow. Only 5 pics for now, but I hope to be adding to it.

Blessings to you all.

Today I feel:

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Being a Grammy

Most of you know, I recently became a grandmother but I prefer to be called a Grammy! For those of you who have yet to experience being a Grammy, you are in for a very special blessing. It’s as if God opened your heart and filled it with all His love! No that’s not possible, but my heart feels that way now that Kelsey is here. It’s indescribable!

This morning, I ran across this poem and think it’s very appropriate so I’ll share it here.

Loving a Grandchild !

Loving a grandchild is
like none other.
It’s not quite the same as
being a mother.

You love your children,
each one is unique,
But the love of a
grandchild, will sweep
you off your feet.

They look up at you,
with their cute little
grins, touching your
heart deep within.

They’re sweet little angels
sent from up above,
and they warm your heart
with unconditional love.

~by Deb Miller~

And this one literally brought tears to my eyes:


What ever on earth, can a grandma be for?
She’s older than dirt, with one foot out the door.
And what can she know about living today’
When nothing is done in her old fashioned way.
Oh sure, she’s sweet, and you love her a lot.
But in terms of real life, what’s an ol’ grandma got?

Well listen, my sweetie, you might be surprised
To find that your grandma’s a youngster disguised.
She still has her dreams, and her values intact,
She’s just a bit wiser, yes dear, that’s a fact.
Experience has put a few lines on her face.
And that’s how she knows, what its like in your place.

I know this idea may seem baffling and new.
But honey, your grandmas “Been There, Done That”, too.
So when your young life isn’t going as planned.
Talk to your grandma ~she’ll sure understand.
She’s got lots of love and good counsel to give.
And she’ll be on your side for as long as you live…

~Author Unknown~

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